Bookworms Preschool Philosophy



for Children

We are pleased to welcome you to Bookworms Preschool. Bookworms Preschool is a program designed to provide children of ages 2.9-5 years of age with a stimulating and educational environment while maintaining a nurturing and enjoyable atmosphere.
Our goal is to enhance your child’s social, physical, and academic skills with a challenging weekly theme based curriculum. Although children develop skills and competencies along a generally predictable sequence of milestones, they do not develop them in exactly the same way or at the same time. Therefore we offer various activities that are developmentally appropriate for each individual child’s needs.
Research shows that children who are introduced to an educationally stimulating environment at an early age show greater progress in literacy and mathematics as well as social and emotional skills. It has also proven fewer grade retentions and special education placements along with higher scores on achievement tests and reduced behavioral problems.
We feel it is important for the children to leave us each day with a smile on their face and a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. In turn we hope you, as parents, receive that same sense of satisfaction knowing that your choice of Bookworms Preschool was the correct one for your child’s early education placement for the beginning of their already bright futures.